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Marana Golo is a geographical entity of the eastern plain of Corsica, open to the Tyrrhenian Sea, with the advantages of varied territories.

Facing the Tuscan archipelago, from the mouth of the Golo river to the gates of the city of Bastia, the Lido de la Marana borders the Natural Reserve of the Biguglia Pond and integrates a set of micro-regions.

Marana Golo is also 10 villages with authentic charms, nestled in the heart of the Piedmont, where the scents of the scrubland made of strawberry trees and heather reign...

Between sea and mountains, Marana-Golo alternates villages of character, exceptional landscapes, multiple itineraries and historical sites.

Bigorno Borgo Biguglia Lucciana Monte Vignale Olmu Campitellu Lentu Scolca

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