VINEYARD: "Torna a Vignale ch'hè un bellu paese"

There is an anecdote about the Vignale, referring to those who ramble! -"Torna a Vignale ch'hè un bellu paese"(Go back to Vignale, it's a beautiful village).

His origin is well known; he was a travelling merchant, as there were several in the past, they were called "i dragullini", who went from village to village selling his goods, especially in Vignale. One day, probably wanting to have fun, the local youths spurred on his mule, which under pain galloped away, damaging his entire load. Returning some time later in the region with his master, the brave mule who had memory recognized the road to Vignale and wanted to turn back, remembering his previous misadventure! So, his master with a vigorous blow of his stick put him back on the right path, saying: "Go back to Vignale, it's a beautiful village", a good village especially where he did excellent business and where he had good friends.(Mathieu LUCIANI)


Just a few kilometres from the Casamozza roundabout, the small village of Vignale is situated on a rocky ridge and is surrounded by lush vegetation of oak, chestnut and olive trees. This environment is ideal for a walk in the forest, offering visitors clear water springs and a breathtaking view of the Golo valley to the south-east of the village. The toponym of Vignale is quite widespread, it originally designated a place planted with vines, and there are many variants such as Vignola or Vignetta.


It is hard to imagine that Vignale was, like many other villages in Corsica, the scene of a terrible vendetta at the end of the 19th century, which decimated part of the village.

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