OLMU: A walk in the heart of the mountains

Nowadays, Olmu is a charming and peaceful village where charm and authenticity reign. In this setting, one can walk through the cobbled alleys - "ricciata" - of the village and discover its church, its fountains and take the hiking route which offers from its belvedere, a breathtaking view!

Situated on " a Punta a u Castellare ", in the immediate vicinity of the Carcherone pass, which connects the pits of Casacconi and Casinca, this pile of old stones lets the shrewd observer guess the traces of powerful walls.

Like the fort of Castellucciu, which dominates the Golu valley, the " castellu di Carcherone " dates back to the early 13th century, according to the writings of the famous chronicler "Giovanni della Grossa".

According to the book"History of Corsica", by Pierre Antonetti, and the writings of Canon Charles BARTOLI, we learn that in 1554, the Genoese Spinola set fire to the whole pits of Casacconi, with the exception of the village of Prunelli andOlmu. Unfortunately, in July 1564, the Genoese general Stefano Doria carried out cruel reprisals against Olmu and Loretu, in order to make the inhabitants pay for their active support to Sampieru Corsu.

Indeed, being with his troop in Carcarone, Sampieru was about to melt down on Vescuvatu to drive out the Genoese garrison that he knew was few in number. Some inhabitants ofOlmu informed him that Genoese reinforcements coming from Bastia had to cross Golu at the place called"lavu benedettu", downstream of the current Casamozza. Changing his plans, Sampieru took the valley road through Olmu, crossed the torrent by the very old bridge that can still be admired below Prunelli, and defeated the Genoese troop, surprised and taken by surprise. Sampieru was wounded in the battle and was taken to the village of Casabianca for treatment."

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20290 Olmu

GPS : 42.49635, 9.40845

Monday to Friday: From 2 to 4 pm



+33 (0)4 95 36 24 93

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