LUCCIANA: A village steeped in history

Like many villages in Corsica, Lucciana was built on the principles of a defensive architecture characterized by the grouping of houses, their terracing around narrow streets, with high facades pierced with small openings, and a layout on heights with sometimes steep or glazed approaches. The parish church was thus surrounded and protected, sometimes serving as a refuge or meeting place.

Legend has it that the village of Lucciana owes its creation to the known enmity between Mariana's founder, CAIUS MARIUS and the builder ofAléria, LUCIUS SYLLA. However, it is not difficult to imagine, for both security and economic reasons, that the Romans had invested the nearby hills.

TheAbbot GALLETTI situates in the XVth century the last reconstructions of the current village and this, often by borrowing various materials on the site of Mariana. He also cites the presence of ancient thermal baths, as well as two fountains now in ruins, one of ferruginous water originating from the stream of MORMORA, the other called " Oghju di Santa Lu cia" (eye of St. Lucia), which would have curative virtues for the eyes.

The village of Lucciana is also home to the ruins of the Convent of St. Francis. This monastery already existed at the beginning of the XVIth, but it is in 1768 that it entered in the history of Corsica during the famous battle of Borgo. In May 1769, the day after the loss of Corsican independence, MARBEUF , wounded in the shoulder during the battle, took revenge on the monks by setting fire to the convent whose burnt walls now stand in the communal cemetery.

Like her neighbour Borgo, Lucciana will live through the ups and downs of history and sometimes tragic moments. One notes however that in the XVIIth century, during the episode known as the Genoese Peace, the village was with ERNA and OLETTA endowed with a public school.

Lucciana is today a peaceful and pleasant village which in memory of Sainte Dévote is now twinned with the Principality of MONACO.

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20290 Lucciana

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