LENTO: A breathtaking view!

Lento is a charming little village that offers a breathtaking panorama, a preserved heritage and outdoor activities!


The Commune of Lento extends its territory from the Tenda massif (in the south), on the left bank of the Golo river, to the ridges whose highest peaks present in the territory are Mount Reghja di Pozzo (1469m) and Mount Sant Anghjulu (1389m). From these peaks you can admire the Gulf of Saint Florent with a breathtaking view of the Nebbiu!


The village attests to an ancient human occupation. Traces of the Romanesque occupation are marked by the Romanesque chapel San Cervone situated on the heights of the village dating back to the 12th-13th century and the chapel San Cipriano situated below the village.


During the Middle Ages and until the 12th century, the community of Lento was ruled by the Amondaschi, lords dominating a vast territory of the island. From the 12th century the territories are administered by Pisa and the Bagnaia lords. In 1520 the community of Lento is part of the piève of Bigorno and is referenced as an inhabited place. Some of the buildings of the village, moreover, have lintels engraved with dates of the XVI century. The village was partly burnt down in 1565 by the Genoese governor and administrator, Doria, who led a punitive expedition against the popular uprising. Lento will also be the scene of the battles which will oppose the Corsican army of Pascal Paoli to the French armies for the conquest of the island. Indeed, on May 7th, 1769, the French troops, invested the village and established their headquarters there, before fighting and winning the battle of Ponte Novu on May 8th, 1769.

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20252 Lento

GPS: 42.521433, 9.280059



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