BORGO: From the mountains to the sea

The old village of Borgo is perched on a rocky promontory overlooking the plain and the sea. In good weather, on the horizon you can discover the islands of the Tuscan archipelago: the island of Elba, the Pianosa, the island of Montecristo. The high houses made of schist are covered with slate, aligned on the ridge and present a homogeneous architecture.

Relief & Territorial Boundaries

The territory of the municipality extends from the crest of the Stella schist massif in the west to the Marana l agoon range bordering the Tyrrhenian Sea in the east. Most of its surface is located in the plain, up to sea level, including part of the Biguglia pond and thelido of La Marana, separation between the pond & the sea. The other part is made up of mountainous relief including the historical village which dominates the plain at an altitude of almost 350 meters.


History & evolution

In Antiquity, a first settlement gradually emerged with the sedentarisation of agricultural colonies. The Romans, then the Etruscans, were fond of the eastern coast of the island, which was rich in fertile land. They developed different cultures on the left bank of the Golo. This river, which is the largest in Corsica, then flowed into the Chiurlinu pond. For several centuries, it has been flowing directly into the sea.

After the fall of the Roman Empire, looters will threaten the territory. Attacks by barbarians and pirates will incite the population to migrate to the peaks. Coastal settlements are destroyed one by one by the raids. The geography will condition the history and the village of Borgo will rise on a crest of which it occupies all the width, dominating the plain and allowing to have a view on the surroundings.

Information & contact

20290 Borgo

GPS: 42.554742, 9.424047

Monday to Thursday 08h30-12h00 & 13h30-17h00 / Friday: 08h30-12h00

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