A short walk to discover the chapel of Sant'Andria.

The Romanesque chapel is isolated at the pass of the same name in the south-west of the village. A path from the fountain to the south of the village leads to it. Count one hour's walk. Its ruins stand on a rocky outcrop at 343 m above sea level, overlooking the plain, theBiguglia pond and the Tyrrhenian Sea. The nave looks out over Rome like many churches built in Corsica.

In 1986, in collaboration with the FAGEC (Federation of Associations and Groupings for Corsican Studies), the Legion undertook to restore a section of the chapel.

Apse vaulted in cul-de-four, deadly window surmounted internally by a pointed arch archivolt, numbers are the decorations still visible: hook motif, human head, parallel or V-shaped lines. Inside the arch of the arcatures, there are circles decorated with a relief pattern: cross in a circle, spiral and an engraved head. This small head is curious because the material and the engraving are different from the other motifs. 

In her book "Les églises romanes de Corse", Geneviève Moracchini-Mazel, dates this chapel from the first half of the 13th century. The author specifies that in 1646, the present parish church had already replaced this chapel from which it took its title. Moreover, she quotes two mentions from archive documents "in a 1260 act of the cartulary of the Gorgon Abbey, as well as in an inventory of the property of the present church drawn up in 1760".

Accessibility : 

At the fountain of Biguglia take the path; about 10 min from the village after a bend with outcropping rock, take the path on the right; about 1h15 walk.

GPS coordinates: 

42.627140, 9.421020

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20620 Biguglia

GPS: 42.62714, 9.42102

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